Keto Holy Grail Products - Best Keto products on Amazon

Here's my list of go-to products I get from Amazon. Some of these are available at specialty food stores, but not all. For example, It's really hard for me to find choczero anywhere in the real world, but I've seen Lakanto and Vital Proteins products around, some Lily's as well. However, they are all on amazon and shipping is quick if you have prime. Please use my code if you're going to purchase! This is how I make small change on maintaining this time-consuming blog. I would also love comments and shares if that's your thing! 💓🙏

1. Lakanto Monkfruit Extract.

If you start a Keto diet, one of the things you will miss are all the desserts your non-keto friends eat. Well, if you have a great sugar substitute, you can find amazing copycat recipes online. I've made everything from cookies, brownies, cakes, and even cornbread to fit my keto lifestyle and the best sweetener I found for me (it's different for everyone) is this lakanto monkfruit sweetener. I find it doesn't have as much of an aftertaste as stevia or the other more artificial stuff.


2. Choc Zero Syrups.
On a lazy Sunday morning, who doesn't crave a stack of pancakes or french toast or some other eggy, carby food item topped with glorious maple syrup? I'm just like everyone else. This is what I crave accompanied by bacons and more eggs and more maple syrup. 

So, I tried multiple brands of keto friendly #maplesyrup and I was always disappointed. Either it had a strange aftertaste, a cooling sensation that accompanies #erythiritol or stomach pains, or the texture wouldn't fly because it was so watered down.

Enter #ChocZero. So many people online were raving about it so I decided to try it out.

I am obsessed with these #choczero syrups. They literally are thicker than the real stuff and I use it on everything. The maple syrup I put on my fried #eggloaf and it reminds me of french toast. The Chocolate syrup I use in my ice cream and it does that wonderful freezing action like magic shell but not quite, just thicker and more robust. 

I'll continue to report back and make a series here of all the Holy Grails I find. 

You can get ChocZero on their website or you can find them on Amazon. They quickly run out of stock on almost everything they have so if you see it on prime, snag it before it's gone!

3. ChocZero Milk chocolate Hazelnut bark
Everyone needs easy to reach for chocolate at hand at all times. Especially when shark week comes around and you're on keto and everything makes you wanna break this diet.

Speaking of chocolates, Lily's comes to the rescue. You can find these at specialty food stores like Wholefoods, but they don't always have all the flavors. I got the variety pack and it was good for me and everyone else around me that these babies were here for me when I needed something sweet.

I use this brand of collagen because I bought it during a sale. However, there are other more affordable brands. I do like how giant these tubs are though. I add a scoops or two to my morning coffee and I think I can go even harder. However, I don't believe anyone who says they do not taste or smell the beef. I always do. No matter what brand. My coffee has to be stronger.

This brand is much more affordable.

7. Legendary Nut Butter
All of these nut butters are insanely good. Sometimes, not all the time, I just eat it straight from the tub as a dessert. The flavors are out of this world. Pecan pie? Blueberry Cinnamon Bun? Peanut butter chocolate chip? OMG

8. Mio Energy Liquid Water
When you are over the tasteless taste of water, a squirt of Mio gives me a boost in my water drinkage and it has energy and vitamins (there are no caffeine options too):
This one is energy infused:

These are the Fit, which are enhanced with b vitamins and electrolytes (no caffeine)

9. Wellbee's White Blanched Almond Butter. If you never thought #almondbutter could get any better, you thought wrong. This is the holy grail of all almond butters if you can't buy it at your farmer's market (I used to get my blanched almond butter at a farmers market but I'm less inclined to drive far now to get it in). For that reason, I just get this version on Amazon and it's the best thing ever.


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