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I haven't been writing about food in a while. I've been busy on other platforms like instagram where I created a new food focused account , and Tik Tok where I do many reviews in video form which seems to be more my platform. However as this year comes to a close and I have an itch to write a more long form entry, I find myself back here to check in with myself (since I have zero readers lol). If you want to see the best food of 2022 recap, they're in my main IG highlights which I will eventually migrate over to my food IG @kimchidripp. What I noticed this year is that I am less of a home cook and more of an enjoyer of food others cook for me. Call it lazy, call me a bad cook, but I'm noticing this tendency. The other thing I noticed is that I tended to over cook for a crowd so that I could have leftovers the next days so I didn't have to cook again but then, I realized I didn't like eating leftovers. Even when we ate out and brought leftovers home, unless it w