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Went to Bebas again, the only Bolivian restaurant in North Hollywood, or in LA county even. There are a few Bolivian restaurants in the OC but it's way too far and Bebas always hits the spot. For appetizer, we started with Cuñape (recipe here that I posted long ago) and the drink is called mocochinchi, which is made of dehydrated peaches, cinnamon, and sugar. SO GOOD. My friend got the silpancho, which is breaded steak with potatoes and fried plantains, very typical of Bolivia. I got the picante mixto, which comes with spicy beef tongue, yellow spiced chicken slow cooked, hominy, regular potatoes, and rice. Can you say carbs and protein? The spicy sauce is soaked up by all the carbs and it's just the most delicious thing in the world. My hubz got the pique macho, which is almost like the Peruvian version of lomo saltado, which is basically fries and meats sauteed together in a vinegarlike sauce. In this version, there is mustard, which ups the ante a little. A close

Mẹ's Coconut Chicken Curry!

The coconut chicken curry dish I made a few weeks ago is the first dish my mother in law taught me and because my good friend Jess was in love with it when I brought it to school, I am posting the recipe here so all may enjoy! " Mẹ " is "mom" in Vietnamese. It's not pronounced "Me" but more like "Meh-ah." That's how it sounds like anyway. I have to start learning how to pronounce Vietnamese better. Anyway, Mẹ first taught my husband this dish when he was my boyfriend because every year on Valentine's, it's been tradition for my hubby to cook for me. By the third year, he ran out of ideas because he barely knows how to fry eggs in the kitchen so Mẹ stepped in and helped him out with this dish. Every since I tasted it, I knew I had to learn how to make it because it was just so delicious and though I've had a lot of coconut curry in Thai restaurants, this one always tasted spicier, more exotic, with more dept