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How to grow a basil plant

I made a video to encourage myself to start planting my own herb garden. First up, basil!


I've gained so much weight from the Foodies Nation documentary I'm doing that I'm looking at different ways to trim back down. There is the Raw food diet , which, basically you can't eat anything cooked over 116 degrees. My co-worker/boss says she lost 40 pounds on it. I can also go vegan ala Skinny Bitch style. Then there's the Abs Diet , eating organic food only, etc. etc. I'm also doing the bar method, which is supposed to burn my butt but it's really just kicking my butt. Really, I think I should eat out less. =*(

The other Jose Andres' Restaurant (DC)

Jaleo Before Bazaar in LA, there was Jaleo in DC. Well, along with Oyamel, Zatinya, Minibar, and Cafe Atlantico. Jose Andres' restaurants are scattered all over DC, VA, MD area. The foodies in DC told me that Jaleo is more of a generic tapas place and not that special or wow-worthy. Oyamel, on the other hand, is a different story (pricier than Jaleo and more upscale, and Mexican inspired. Jaleo is Spanish.) but I'm not here to talk about Oyamel, a place I've never been to. Jaleo is a tapas restaurant with three locations. We went to the Crystal City location in a group of 6 wellesley women just living it up. The bartender spilled alcohol all over Lila's top and gave us all a free drink. I'd say it was worth it but then again, I wasn't the one with the wet boob the entire night. After we had a few drinks at the bar and were sufficiently loud, we sat down to enjoy our dinner. It took us forever to order and it wasn't because we didn't know what to