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EAT MY BLOG is Sat June 19th in We Ho's Tender Greens. I will be premiering my Bolivian Empanadas to the public. Bolivian empanadas are traditionally made only with a cheese filling with a powdered sugar coating outside. This lends to a sweet and salty, gooey and crunchy empanada that is extremely addictive. The native Bolivian cheese they use for these empanadas are Mennonite cheese that cannot be found in LA. Trust me, I've looked (though I did hear you can export it from Norther Mexico). For my version, I had to use the local cheese and I mixed a few different kinds to get the saltiness and the crudeness of Mennonite cheese but it's still much more gooey than I'd like (much more like mozarella than feta). If you're raw or vegan or trying to be, there are plenty of options. I saw some raw stuff on the menu too! Though mine is meatless, it is not vegetarian because some meat by products are used. So if you're not doing anything, please drop by. It's from 1