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Yet another Kogi Truck blog post

I know, I know. I told myself not to talk about the same places everyone else is talking about - just to report on the restaurants that surprise me in some way. But is it wrong of me to buy into some hypes and join in on the latest food craze? I mean, tomorrow is going to by my third time this week hitting the Kogi truck so I should at least put my take on it, since I have now tasted everything on the menu (tomorrow I will taste the special and update if needed). So what's so special, really? It's just meat marinaded in a Korean sauce with a bunch of Korean pickled stuff with cabbage rested on two small tortillas.'s just not that simple. Unfortunately, I KNOW how hard it is to mix Korean food with anything else, especially another non-Asian cuisine. How do I know this? Because I live with traditionally nationalistic relatives who bring their own tupperware of kimchi or red pepper paste when we go to EL POLLO LOCO. The ironic thing? Our family lived in South America