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Da Rosa, Paris, France

After checking into our hotel, showering and changing, we make our way out to visit the one monument that we've been dying to see up close on our very first day in Paris. Yup, the Eiffel Tower. We decide to walk up the stairs because it's cheaper and there is no line whatsoever. The lines for the elevators were ridiculous and we're still young and fit and need to justify eating that kugelhopf . Besides, we were planning on eating a huge dinner at Da Rosa so we huff and puff all the way up to the first level, then to the second level before realizing the crowd gathered to go to the very top is only growing so we call it a day and spend the rest of the afternoon waiting for the sun to set on Paris. And, it never did. Apparently the sun sets closer to 11pm in Paris. It completely messed with my internal clock but who's to complain for more sunshine? Perhaps this is the reason why people in Paris, who eat way more saturated fat than Americans and smoke much

Vandermeersch Boulangerie: Paris, France

For our honeymoon, my husband and I decided on an active trip to Europe instead of lounging on the beach in the Caribbeans. Adventure, sightseeing, photo sessions galore, with a foodie journey itinerized from Paris, France to San Sebastian, Spain, to Barcelona, Spain is what I call a honeymoon! We arrive at 7 in the morning, way too early for check-in but I knew that we would be okay in killing time because the famed Boulangerie across the street, Vandermeersch, would be selling their kugelhopfs ( kougloff) , which they only sell from Fridays-Sundays. We leave our bags at Hôtel de la Porte Dorée located in the 12th arrondisement (far from the center of the city, I know) and fast pass across the street. We enter the bakery, manage to form words in our mouth that sound something like bonjour , and point hungrily at the individual sized kugelhopf, which looks sort of like a souffle'd bundt cake. deux, merci! We know it's rude to eat in public so we walk around with this bag fi