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One Sunset

One Sunset was the next destination for the foodies that were invited by Abby. Owned by the same company (The One Group) but with a different flare, One Sunset is located on Sunset Blvd., adjacent to many other posh restaurants and lounges. I paid for valet because I didn't want to get another parking ticket and didn't want to be late for free drinks (duh). As soon as I arrived in the Champagne Lounge, I was welcomed by a LUSHious Raspberry (Raspberries - Gloria Ferrer Champagne - Leblon) which was surprisingly crisp and delicious for such a sweet cocktail (I usually don't like sweet drinks) and after being in LA traffic for 1.5 freaking hours, this changed my mood instantly and got me ready to party (in my mouth). We moved to a secluded spot in the restaurant called the Candle Lounge and divided into a few groups and sat in a giant circular booth. I got to dine with Abby , KevinEats , and the Gastronomy couple. Jason Ryczek, the young and hot executive chef at One Sun


In doing this foodie documentary, I had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting foodies. If only I could get paid for continuing to do this documentary, I'd be more than happy to dedicate the rest of my life to filming food and foodies. My network has just expanded to include over 50 new people - all of them foodies. I'm now on Menuism, another restaurant review site, and finally joined Pleasure Palate, a dining group. I was already on yelp, foodbuzz, and had my own food blog and now all I need is a digital SLR and I can really feel like I'm prepared for combat. I even got invited to dine at the One Group's two restaurants STK and One Sunset with some other food bloggers. I feel very validated. I got to eat all this food for free but I would be willing to go back to eat some of this stuff again. Last Thursday, I went to STK and met up with Abby 's cohorts, some whose blogs I've been following ( Choisauce , Mattatouille , Sinosoul , Glutster, Gourmet Pigs ,


I've been dying to go check out Hatfield's for almost two years now but I sort of forgot about it. Then, while doing this foodie documentary and asking around for recommendations, we had hlf a dozen foodies telling us to go here. Now I couldn't pass it up! Finally my boyfriend brought me here to celebrate my birthday. We arrived around 7pm but it was still beautifully gold outside. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the pink and orange clouds and the golden beams of light peeking through. I didn't realize that it was on Beverly Blvd., really close to The Grove. Also, it's next to a restaurant that decided they are too cool to have a name. It's just a logo or maybe the logo spells something out but to my untrained eye, it just looks like a crowded and pretentious place. Thank goodness Hatfield's was the exact opposite of that - quiet, upscale, and romantic. There was no wait and possibly due to the recession, I was able to reserve a table just a day bef

Cenaduria Jorgelito en Los Angeles aka McBistro

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a private dinner for 14 at the house of Jorgito (he prefers this over "Jorgelito" but the title above is the name of his menu). We started off with a glass or two of the Sangria de la Casa, which were delish. There was a sweet and tangy kick to it. As soon as we were liquored up a little bit, we started with the best tasting quesadillas I've ever had; the Quesadillas de Chorizo y Cebollas con Queso Mexicano. It was absolutely wonderful because it had sausage in it. Well, also because there were green onions and other stuff but woot! The Sausage was an unexpected surprise. We had the quesadillas with the Jalapenos Escabeche and homemade salsa. Jorgito made the Jalapenos by pickling them for three days. He put so much thought into his menu and it really showed. Next, we had the Cocteles de Camarones Vera Cruz which can be described as shrimp cocktail on crack and slurpable. It comes in a glass and a spoon is optional but trust