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Grom Gelato

Grom Gelato is finally in California. Is it fair that NYC gets all the European exports first (I hear Laduree is open now in NYC, and let's not forget all the fashion brands that go to NYC before hitting LA) while we wait out here in the sunny coast until it is deemed profitable for Americans? Also, what's up with the no marketing? I didn't hear about Grom being open in Malibu until a year later! That's so blasphemous when I think about all the times I could have been stuffing my face with pistachio... for a whole year... what a waste. I first had Grom in NYC, then again in Paris, and every time, I couldn't resist coming back to the pistachio flavor over and over again. Grom started in Italy, of course, with over 33 locations in the motherland. Worldwide, you can find Grom in Malibu, Paris, Osaka, Tokyo, and New York. There is something comforting knowing that you can get the same flavor of gelato in so many different countries. Sure, there are negatives to

Rawesome Raided Again

When can citizens of the United States start eating what they want, whether it's raw, cooked, organic, or not? What do you think about the FDA regulating the sale of raw milk? James Stewart, the man behind Rawesome in Venice, a private food club where members pay an annual fee in order to access organic, raw vegetables, raw dairy, raw honey, raw meat, was taken into custody with a bail set at 123,000 dollars. The court date for his arraignment was today and they just reduced his bail to 30,000 dollars. That's obviously not the point. It is getting increasingly difficult for people to find raw, unpasteurized, non homogenized dairy products and Rawesome was one of these places where people could go to find these items. The FDA wants to regulate the sale of these products on the basis that it's not "safe" for consumption. Many people disagree with this statement, saying that people from the olden days have consumed raw, unpasteurized milk with no negative effects and

Foodie Nation Teaser

I've been working on this long term project called Foodie Nation. I'm looking to hire an editor and a post production supervisor to help me shape the arc of this documentary. Two years ago, I followed a Los Angeles based foodies as they brought me into their world of food, and why it was so important for them. Take a look and let me know what you think of it!