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Quaker Oats True Delights

I got these in the mail yesterday courtesy of Quaker Oats via Foodbuzz's tastemaker program. I got 6 bars, two of each flavor (roasted coconut banana macadamia nut, honey roasted cashew mixed berry, and dark chocolate raspberry almond). Foodbuzz states, "This luxuriously delicious mix of real fruit, whole nuts, and dark chocolate is for your sampling prowess before it hits the general public, and based on office tastings, we are excited to hear your thoughts!" Today I tasted the dark chocolate raspberry almond. I have to admit, these were rather tasty! They reminded me of kudos but with more fruit and nuts and less candy. I guess you could say they were grown up kudos, in taste and in size as well. I'm going to be taking these to school with me to snack on them. They're only 140 calories each, which is ridiculously light considering the sweetness of it. Actually, though it's a bit sweet for my mother and I, we think it's perfect for American taste buds. It

Lotus of Siam

"The single best Thai restaurant in North America" - Jonathan Gold, Gourmet Magazine The best Thai Restaurant in the U.S.? Really? In Vegas, in a sketchy plaza? Sometimes, you just never know where you'll find gold (no pun intended) if you don't look in unexpected places...or in my case, This was my second time going to Lotus of Siam, though I've been to Vegas many times in between (I just can't always make it out here, though now I will try to since everything inside the hotels are majorly expensive and I have no more income). We chose Lotus of Siam for its quality, taste, inexpensiveness, and cuz we wanted to try dishes we didn't try the first time. When we first went, we had pad see euw and this crispy rice salad: I tried looking for this crispy rice salad after having it here for the first time but all the other restaurants make it a little different. I think this is my favorite version. There is more of an acidic kick to it. These are the is