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Keto Holy Grail Products - Best Keto products on Amazon

Here's my list of go-to products I get from Amazon. Some of these are available at specialty food stores, but not all. For example, It's really hard for me to find choczero anywhere in the real world, but I've seen Lakanto and Vital Proteins products around, some Lily's as well. However, they are all on amazon and shipping is quick if you have prime. Please use my code if you're going to purchase! This is how I make small change on maintaining this time-consuming blog. I would also love comments and shares if that's your thing! 💓🙏 1. Lakanto Monkfruit Extract. If you start a Keto diet, one of the things you will miss are all the desserts your non-keto friends eat. Well, if you have a great sugar substitute, you can find amazing copycat recipes online. I've made everything from cookies, brownies, cakes, and even cornbread to fit my keto lifestyle and the best sweetener I found for me (it's different for everyone) is this lakanto monkfruit sweetener.