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Andersen's Danish Bakery & Restaurant

(Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA) butterfly beach from jin yoo on Vimeo . Time for another non-LA restaurant review. Reviewing places outside of LA makes me feel special. I'm not ever the first to review a secret emerging restaurant in LA and I usually find out about cool new restaurants from die-hard food bloggers. As for me, I have too many hobbies to really take one up with such focus. (Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA) Deuce Coupe So when I was up in Santa Barbara on the infamous State St., I wanted to go back to Petit Valentien because of how much I loved the food + atmosphere + price the last time I visited but I also wanted to try something new. I'll admit I was also a bit underdressed for Petit Valentien since I had spent the entire day in my bathing suit lounging around Butterfly Beach and then riding in a deuce coupe for the rest of the afternoon. Not having an iphone or blackberry or a cellphone with good internet service, I had no way of yelping or searchin