Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After a long and hard process of researching, pitching, and making new friends, my project, "The Raw Truth" that explores the burgeoning raw food movement in LA, has been greenlit to be made this semester.

We are are already in our 4th weekend of principal photography and that's why I've been away for so long.

Please follow us until the end of this semester at: http://therawtruthmovie.tumblr.com/
That is where I will try to update as much as possible and I promise to come back to this blog circa December 10, 2010, when we premiere.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dessert Club, ChikaLicious - NYC

There is a place in New York called Chikalicious which when I first heard of it, I thought it was a fried chicken place. But, it's not. Behold the delicious dessert bar. I can't help but get the red velvet cupcakes (which they're always sold out of), and the affogato.

Behold the Affogato.

ice cream macaron

red velvet cupcake

bread pudding

I don't know if this place is overrated or underrated but over the years whenever I go to NYC, I stop by here as part of my routine (and levain of course). 

Saturday, June 19, 2010


EAT MY BLOG is Sat June 19th in We Ho's Tender Greens.

I will be premiering my Bolivian Empanadas to the public. Bolivian empanadas are traditionally made only with a cheese filling with a powdered sugar coating outside. This lends to a sweet and salty, gooey and crunchy empanada that is extremely addictive. The native Bolivian cheese they use for these empanadas are Mennonite cheese that cannot be found in LA. Trust me, I've looked (though I did hear you can export it from Norther Mexico).

For my version, I had to use the local cheese and I mixed a few different kinds to get the saltiness and the crudeness of Mennonite cheese but it's still much more gooey than I'd like (much more like mozarella than feta).

If you're raw or vegan or trying to be, there are plenty of options. I saw some raw stuff on the menu too! Though mine is meatless, it is not vegetarian because some meat by products are used.

So if you're not doing anything, please drop by. It's from 10am-4pm but hopefully by noon my empanadas will be gone and there will be no trace of my mess. I will be gone by noon ish unless it's so freaking fun to stuff my face. Oh, and the proceeds go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Eat My Blog's Facebook

The official Eat My Blog website

Here is the menu

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ludo 4.0 (FINALLY!!!!!!)

I was so sad when I couldn't get reservations for Ludo 4.0 because it was sold out as soon as word got out. I wailed and complained for a good 20 minutes before going back to the film school hard knock life. I would read all the great reviews on other people's food blogs like choisauce or gastronomy or gourmet pigs or mattatouille or caroline on crack or food she thought. Basically, everyone and their moms had gone to previous ludobites v1.0, 2.0., 3.0. and now 4.0.

Imagine my surprise when I got a random mass email asking for people to step in for last minute flakers. I didn't even personally know this woman but she offered up 4 spots. I pounced on the chance, took 2 of the spots (hey, I'm not greedy), and dreamt about what I'd eat before I finally arrived at Gram and Papa's last week.

Because it's BYOB, we brought a Soviet sweet champagne my main squeeze scored at a neighborhood Jon's (if you've never been to Jon's market on la brea and fountain, you're missing out). We got drunk, we got merry, we had splendid service, and best of all, the best food we've had in a long long time.

Brie Chantilly, Honey Comb, Frisee Salad, Balsamic ($7)

This dish was so good, such a tease. Gooey, sweet, salty, crunchy, prickly. It completely awakened my senses.

Seabream Ceviche, Heirloom Tomato, Jalapenos, Meyer Lemon Paste, Cilantro Flower ($14)

This dish was so good. My SO is not a big ceviche fan and he was devouring everything. All the different elements aside from the fresh fish was also really enticing and fun to eat. I love the flowers in most of Ludo's dishes!

Black Sea Bass, Fresh Sansho Peper, Fresh Peas, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Yuzu ($26)

This dish was so pretty to look at tasty, too. I'm glad we picked one light entree and one heavy entree in order to fully appreciate the range. I was definitely happy with this choice, but it is a lot lighter than some of the other choices like Escargot or the Rack of Lamb.

Rack of Lamb, Fresh Goat Cheese, Dried Bonito, Artichokes, Potato Mousseline, Mint ($24)
Potatoes came separately and was completely devoured before I could take a picture.

The best lamb I ever had. Period. The best lamb my SO ever had. Period. Period.

Dark Chocolate Souffle, Vanilla Whipped Cream, Hot Chocolate Cream ($13)

So sinful yet not so sweet. I love the bitterness that comes with the dark chocolate but the sweetness of the hot chocolate and vanilla that we used as "dip."

One of the best meals I ever had. I'm so glad I finally got to try it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

LA Wine Fest June 5-6

The LA Wine Fest is coming to town!!! At Raleigh Studios on Melrose, right across from Paramount Pictures. Last year, I couldn't go and I was pretty sad but I'll be there this year and you should too. If you buy tickets and type in "jin" for the promo code, you can get $15 off single day tickets.

For more information, go to http://www.lawinefest.com/.
For wine haters, there will also be tequila, beer, food. For wine lovers, this is where you should be June 5 and/or 6th.

LA Wine Fest 2010

Also, for all you raw foodists, I read in a raw food cook book that wine is actually okay on the raw food diet. So really, we can all enjoy this event!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raw Food doc

I pitched my documentary about the raw food movement and got chosen! Woo woo! So next semester, I'll be able to go and film with a real film crew with faculty backing. So excited.

As for my raw food diet, I've been going at many different "percentages." I'd like to go close to 100 percent for at least a week but I end up falling at day 3 or day 4. I still try again the next day but it's really hard without an eating plan and convenient go-to foods.

For next week I think I'll try to buy foods that are easy to eat and that's on the go so that I will always have snacks on me. At the same time, I need delicious raw meals that I will WANT to eat. Some of the snacks I bought at erewhon were definitely hit or miss. I should review some of the things I'm eating here.

I'm also realizing what I like and what I don't like in terms of flavor and texture. I never realized that I don't really like dill. Nope, definitely not a dill person.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Raw Food Detox Day #5

This morning I had coffee. I had to. I was so tired. I still brought my lunch and ate most of it - Korean seaweed salad, kimchi. But, I also had beer and tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. At least the only non raw things were the beer and the tortilla chips.

I then had another large cup of iced coffee.

I decided to only go raw by 50% today, which essentially means I am not on the raw food diet anymore since I have to be over 75% to be considered a raw foodist. Actually, I'm not sure how the percentages work...by calories or by intake or volume? Regardless, I'll get back on track tomorrow after the pitch. As for now, I'm going to inject myself with any sort of toxin near me so I can survive this pitching process.

Hopefully I'll get this pitch and be able to go on a longer raw food journey. =D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Raw Food Detox Day #4

Pretty Proud of myself that I didn't eat any of the millions of pizzas that were facing me. Even though I had two glasses of alcohol, which I was expecting to do as a celebration of picture locking our documentary, I still maintained a raw diet starting with raw cereal and ending with a very elaborate green leafy "sushi" which I will call..."vegetables wrapped in raw nori" because...that's what it was and that's what it tasted like. It took me way too long to make them because it's just not intuitive yet. For example, if I were to cook food and I only had basil, cilantro, and kale, I'd add garlic and olive oil and sautee it in a frying pan to have some cooked herby kale. Well, I had all those ingredients but I had trouble putting it together. I ended up making 2 liters of "dressing" which tasted good but way too garlicky. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the entire garlic clove. I forget that raw garlic is just so much stronger than cooked garlic. I almost burnt off my tongue and will ward off vampires for years!

Anyway, though I was pretty proud of myself for not eating pizza, I was really tired and my energy level just flattened by midnight. Maybe it's my body adjusting to my non caffeinated life but I passed out at midnight when I should have been pulling an allnighter editing this pitch tape.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raw Food Detox Day #3

Really quick.

I noticed that I got angry a lot today. Like everything pissed me off. I mean, I'll admit the things that happened to me were pretty annoying even on a normal day but maybe it's because I'm going through withdrawal and I'm really stressed out about this pitch tape but I got super angry and I pretty much stayed angry all day long. I had a few dips of happiness and complacency but then when I got home, I got fired up again. I'm a little more calm now. I blame it on the detox because it's easier than saying I have anger issues...which I don't.

Anyway, I ate a lot of raw food today. Instead of telling you what I ate this time, I'll show you. I ate these throughout the day. I couldn't finish my salad because it was too big.

I already lost 3 pounds.

fruit salad with kombucha.

I added a slice of blood orange into my kombucha.

I couldn't finish my fruit salad so I took the rest "to go."

My salad.

Some guacamole that I packed to have with my raw onion crackers.

The best part: dessert! Brownies.
Since I couldn't have Liz's brownies, I decided to have these today.
I ate all four pieces. Check out the ingredients!

Everything I ate today. I couldn't finish the salad cuz it was too big. I'm still full, believe it or not. I wonder if when you detox, you don't feel as hungry all the time?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Raw Food Detox Day #2

I woke up and DIDN'T have coffee. This wasn't too hard because I was slowly taking coffee out of my daily diet anyway. Thankfully, I didn't have to eliminate major addictions all at once. What also helped is that I've been eating meat sparingly the last few weeks, with just an exception here and there for special occasions. I remember eating like this when I grew up with my grandmother. She rarely fed us beef or chicken and we almost never ate pork. We ate fish on a regular basis, and lots of Korean stews and soups and noodle dishes. I miss her! She used to always tell me how Kimchi was so good for me and how that's the reason why Koreans live a long life, etc. I never really believed her, thinking kimchi was just old spicy cabbage. A few years back, Koreans were saying that the reason we weren't affected with SARS was because of our kimchi. Crazy talk, right?

Raw foodists seem to believe that kimchi is one of the most healthy foods on earth. For realz? I grew up being ashamed of my kimchi breath and only shared kimchi time with my Korean friends. Well, now I can say to those kimchi haters that they were wrong! Muhahahha.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post, which is... not to procrastinate from my editing this raw food pitch tape. It's to chronicle my raw food detox diet.

Today I had a raw cereal, which was comprised of almond and rice milk (yup, I like mixing it! It's sweet and nutty and thick), dried goji berries, dried longan's, lydia's organic cereal mix (it's like the best thing ever and I totally splurged on it and don't regret it one bit), chocolate chia seeds, fresh blueberries and fresh strawberries. It was the most colorful and thick cereal ever. I wish I took a picture but I was too busy trying to eat and leave the house. I'll take a picture tomorrow since I'll be eating essentially the same thing.

For lunch I had my tahini salad with raw veggies. From afar, it looked like a tub of creamy pico de gallo. This salad freaked out my friends but I ate it all anyway. I also picked on my kale salad which I got from Better Life Cuisine, but I couldn't finish it because I was already really satisfied. I had two snacks on me to nibble on throughout the day - cashew sticks and onion rings both from Awesome Foods. The onion rings were good until a friend said it looked like overgrown toenails. Thanks, Neil. The cashew sticks were not that good but I know I'll crave them when I have a cheese craving. Very cheesy.

For dinner, I had my ten dollar salad from Erewhon. It was SO GOOD. I think it was the salad dressing. It reminded me of chimichurri with less garlic and more zing! I would totally spend another ten dollars to eat this salad again. All the greens looked boring but in eating it, I realized just how diverse the greens were and how herby the salad was.

For dessert, I had a raw fudge bar which was very coconutty, which is awesome because I love coconuts.

Day 2 was not as easy as Day 1 because Liz came down to the editing basement with her brownies. After smelling the delicious brownies, I was tempted to eat it but I realized I had RAW BROWNIES in my fridge so I could come home to some tasty treats. But then again, I satisfied that craving already with the fudge bar. =D

I also had some fruit juice throughout the day but no coffee and no tea. Go me! I'm pretty proud that I was able to do this for a full two days.

CRU - Raw Food Detox Diet Day #1

So some of you may know and others not, but I have a major life event happening in the next 8 months and I want to get nice and trim for it. Instead of abandoning my food blog as I undertake this dietary change, I decided to use this blog to chronicle my journey. Hopefully it will inspire people to try a raw restaurant or even try going raw for a few days. Your body will thank you.

Today was my first fully raw day and I decided to do it today since it would be easy! I was going to be at the Raw Food Bazaar all day anyway, interviewing people for my potential documentary. The hardest thing about dieting for me, is making it too difficult or tempting. I didn't decide to go raw until I was actually at the Bazaar and thought, wow, if I started NOW, I wouldn't have to really think about it. So I did. I told my raw friend that I was going to give it a week.

So this is what I ate all day:
1 young coconut
A raw dish including sprouted chickpeas, kale salad, kelp noodles
Grape Kombucha
Dinner at Cru: Spring rolls, Green vegetable curry with zuchini noodles, chocolate mouse pie
dessert: pumpkin pie ice cream

All raw!
And here are the pictures I took of some of these:

Spring Rolls made from cucumber wrap.
Very sweet and spicy, with the right amount of acid.

My friend ordered the Asian Noodle bowl.
She loved it but after a while she said it was too nutty. If you're going to get this, it might be better to share with another dish that is more spicy and less nutty.

The Thai Green Curry Vegetables was awesome!
The noodles were made of zucchini and though it was slightly spicy, it wasn't so spicy I couldn't finish it. The waitress does warn you about the spice. I thought it was the perfect level of spiciness. I also love the contrast of the tomatoes in this. I'd get this again.

Coconut Chocolate Mouse Pie
Second time I've gotten it and possibly not the last time.
This is the one reason I knew I could do raw.

Spring Rolls on a later visit - different presentation

Coconut Chocolate Mouse Pie at a later visit, 
now served with ice cream, less coconut and more chocolate ratio.

1521 Griffith Park Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 667-1551

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Au Lac Fountain Valley

Wow. Doing research for my new documentary film on Raw Food has been tremendously eye-opening. Who would have thought that raw food could be so tasty? I've been gravitating towards the sweet and delicious types, usually with fruit or coconut based concoctions that were easy to make and "safe."

This all changed when I went to Au Lac Fountain Valley. Now, I see just how much imagination and creativity it takes to make raw food and that savory dishes as well as sweet dishes are completely possible, delicious, and best of all, good for you.

One of the things that really scared me about committing fully to a raw food diet was having to give up my beloved rice. As an Asian American (can I call myself American?) rice has been a staple in my diet and thus far, I have not seen rice in the raw form in the restaurants I've been to (perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough?) until I had Chef Ito's soaked rice dishes.

Here is what I was so blessed to try:

Bread with chimichurri. The bread tasted like real bread, not like the crackers I'm used to at some raw restaurants. The Pistachio Bread was also quite delicious. The laksa was mild and the kelp noodles have a really interesting way of taking on the flavor of the broth that it is in. I had to erase these pictures to create more memory but you can see them on their website.

Sayur Asem tamarind, soaked macadamia, cashew, mixed veggies. This was so refreshing and delicious. Reminded me a little of the Korean Nengmyun, with more herbs. My dining companion, Glutster, said it was of Indonesian origin. I want to go to there.

BBQ "Chicken" Pizza red onion, cilantro, "cheese." The barbeque sauce was delicious, made up sundried tomatoes. The "chicken" was made of mushrooms and the crust here was like a dense flatbread. Very delicious, a meal in and of itself.

Mashed Potatoes cauliflower, coconut, broccoli, carrot, avocado, tamari teriyaki gravy. At first I wasn't as attracted to this dish as I was initially attracted to the Green Pyramid (below), but subconsciously, I was keep coming back to it. I even asked Chef Ito why my reflexes were going back to it.

Green Pyramid basil pesto, aquatic grass, bell pepper, dulse, flax chip, basil tree. The one thing that always kept me from going completely raw was giving up rice. Rice is such a staple in my diet that I'd have to know that I could eat rice in the raw form if I were to ever go raw. This dish was such an enlightening experience and so delicious, to boot.

Fryed Chicks "deep fried" cauliflower, ginger, onion, sauce, "steamed rice."
The rice was made of jicama! I also love how cauliflower was "fried" to mimic chicken. It actually worked. The texture was a little dry but tasty nonetheless.

Angel Hair Marinara zucchini noodle, meatball parmesan, basil, garlic, parsley, tomatoThis was a really tasty and savory dish. I liked that the meatball had mushrooms in it to give a chewy texture vs. just being made of nuts which is how I'm more used to seeing. The zucchini was a refreshing contrast to the heavier meatball.

The big picture.

ES Al pukhet. palm sugar, avocado and heavenly things.
This was by far my favorite dish. I was pretty full by the time this came out but I couldn't help but lick it clean!

But there was more! Chef Ito brought out this beautiful dish of four different desserts. Raspberry cake, Rainbow in the Sky, Scotch on the Rocks, Choconut x-tasy. My favorite was the choconut x-tasy and Scotch on the Rocks. Freaking addictive.

The Glutster, taking pics of his beloved donut holes that he was talking about the entire ride down and up. Chef Ito obliged.

Donut holes made with spirulina inside (it was green when bit into it). The coconut powder gave it that true donut hole experience.

High rice this was a fermented rice drink. Had a little effervescent feeling to it, almost like a kombucha. Very refreshing!

I'm going back to Au Lac sometime this week to try more of the stuff I didn't get to try last time. I'm so excited I was introduced to this restaurant (thanks Glutster!) because now I know going raw doesn't mean I have to sacrifice as much of the things I love and I am able to see the imagination and creativity that Chef Ito puts into his delicious food.

Afterwards, we went durian shopping with Chef Ito. He totally went out of his way to help me out with this documentary and to show me where I can get my durian fix. We also got the gourmet orange bang from a shop that makes pure cane juice with kumquat. I was also able to pick up some thai apples and some chirimoya at the fruit store. I can't wait to go back to see if the durian will be more ripe!

Au Lac Fountain Valley

16563 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 418-0658

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