Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raw Food Detox Day #3


Really quick.

I noticed that I got angry a lot today. Like everything pissed me off. I mean, I'll admit the things that happened to me were pretty annoying even on a normal day but maybe it's because I'm going through withdrawal and I'm really stressed out about this pitch tape but I got super angry and I pretty much stayed angry all day long. I had a few dips of happiness and complacency but then when I got home, I got fired up again. I'm a little more calm now. I blame it on the detox because it's easier than saying I have anger issues...which I don't.

Anyway, I ate a lot of raw food today. Instead of telling you what I ate this time, I'll show you. I ate these throughout the day. I couldn't finish my salad because it was too big.

I already lost 3 pounds.

fruit salad with kombucha.

I added a slice of blood orange into my kombucha.

I couldn't finish my fruit salad so I took the rest "to go."

My salad.

Some guacamole that I packed to have with my raw onion crackers.

The best part: dessert! Brownies.
Since I couldn't have Liz's brownies, I decided to have these today.
I ate all four pieces. Check out the ingredients!

Everything I ate today. I couldn't finish the salad cuz it was too big. I'm still full, believe it or not. I wonder if when you detox, you don't feel as hungry all the time?
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