Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1 of no processed food no meat fast

Update: June 14. 2011
Sorry for the long delay in updating but I had a few personal life moments to have before coming back here, which I will post about in a bit. Giving up meat for lent was one of the hardest things to do for the first few days and then it came naturally. Unfortunately, I ended up compensating for what I thought was a sacrifice by eating a lot more carbs. I put on quite a few pounds from it and learned at the end that moderation is indeed key. I cannot continue to eat food as if it's my last. I'll learn this lesson more as I went through Europe, eating the local way as well as the tourist way. New updates from here will be about my foodie honeymoon through Paris, San Sebastian, and Barcelona! Stay tuned!!!

Original post:
I'm not Catholic but there is something to say about sacrificing something for the time of lent. Being a nondenominational Christian, I never attended church where we were required to give something up for 40 days before Easter. There were prayer fasts and dawn prayers, etc. but nothing that tore me away from my beloved food. Also, I never understood the point of sacrificing meat or beer or chocolate or facebook. What's the point if I can't even stick to a new year's resolution, right? Well, recently I've realized the point of sacrificing something isn't to just do it for my own betterment but really to honor Jesus when he sacrificed his life for us. Before you think I am getting preachy, just let me write it out because this is my belief and you don't have to agree with me but this is something that just dawned on me. Even Christmas to me now has a different purpose - it's about family and gift giving and less about honoring Jesus. As for lent, it's only for 40 days so it's not like a new year's resolution where you drunkenly make a resolution that you're supposed to keep the entire year.

After directing The Raw Truth, and reading The China Study, you'd think I was already a vegetarian. Well, it's definitely hard and even doubly harder because I'm cooking for my husband, who though healthy, would never go vegetarian. So for the first time, I'm going to give up meat and processed food for 40 days and see how and where that takes me by Easter. Probably to a big Easter Ham.