Friday, February 3, 2012

Son of a Gun

(Clockwise from top left: Shrimp Toast, Lobster roll, Fried Oyster sandwich)

(Left to Right: Chicken Sandwich, Fish and Chips)

Son of a Gun!
I love Animal (Vinny and Jon's first outpost in LA) and when I heard Son of a Gun, their Seafood-centric new joint opened, I knew I had to pay a visit.

Since they're open for lunch now and miraculously, the lines are still not long yet, we decided to go before more people would hear about it. The three of us walked in a little earlier than LA lunch time, around 12pm sharp. We were able to get the communal table but you can make reservations ahead of time for the tables if you need your own space. 

The decor was fabulous and the vibe was chill. My kind of place. The food is seafood centric but definitely the kind that goes better with beer since a lot of the food is fried.

We ordered the shrimp toast, the lobster roll, the fried oyster sandwich, the chicken sandwich, and the fish and chips. They were all so fried and fatty and good. The shrimp toast is off the hook. I'm definitely going back for that. The fried oyster sandwich was also amazing. The lobster roll was mayonaisey but still good.

The chicken sandwich was actually a good portion, unlike the other three "appetizers" but we still split it three ways so I didn't get a good feel for what the sandwich was like since I only got a little of the chicken. However, the breading was crispy and the chicken meat was super high quality, awesome chicken. The fish and chips, though awesome, veered on the greasy side. If that was the only thing I was eating, it would have been fine but with all the other fried bread-like items, it was a little too much.

Next time, I want to go for dinner but lunch is definitely a chill time.

Son of a Gun Restaurant

(323) 782-9033

8370 W. 3rd Street Map.656a974
Los AngelesCA 90048

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