Monday, April 12, 2010

CRU - Raw Food Detox Diet Day #1

So some of you may know and others not, but I have a major life event happening in the next 8 months and I want to get nice and trim for it. Instead of abandoning my food blog as I undertake this dietary change, I decided to use this blog to chronicle my journey. Hopefully it will inspire people to try a raw restaurant or even try going raw for a few days. Your body will thank you.

Today was my first fully raw day and I decided to do it today since it would be easy! I was going to be at the Raw Food Bazaar all day anyway, interviewing people for my potential documentary. The hardest thing about dieting for me, is making it too difficult or tempting. I didn't decide to go raw until I was actually at the Bazaar and thought, wow, if I started NOW, I wouldn't have to really think about it. So I did. I told my raw friend that I was going to give it a week.

So this is what I ate all day:
1 young coconut
A raw dish including sprouted chickpeas, kale salad, kelp noodles
Grape Kombucha
Dinner at Cru: Spring rolls, Green vegetable curry with zuchini noodles, chocolate mouse pie
dessert: pumpkin pie ice cream

All raw!
And here are the pictures I took of some of these:

Spring Rolls made from cucumber wrap.
Very sweet and spicy, with the right amount of acid.

My friend ordered the Asian Noodle bowl.
She loved it but after a while she said it was too nutty. If you're going to get this, it might be better to share with another dish that is more spicy and less nutty.

The Thai Green Curry Vegetables was awesome!
The noodles were made of zucchini and though it was slightly spicy, it wasn't so spicy I couldn't finish it. The waitress does warn you about the spice. I thought it was the perfect level of spiciness. I also love the contrast of the tomatoes in this. I'd get this again.

Coconut Chocolate Mouse Pie
Second time I've gotten it and possibly not the last time.
This is the one reason I knew I could do raw.

Spring Rolls on a later visit - different presentation

Coconut Chocolate Mouse Pie at a later visit, 
now served with ice cream, less coconut and more chocolate ratio.

1521 Griffith Park Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 667-1551

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