Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tasting my way around


My friends were telling me that I should post my food pictures up online somewhere, a place aside from facebook or xanga or yelp, where things are more organized and personalized to my adventures in eating.

I worried about being a "food blogger". I mean, I know nothing about food aside from how good it tastes, how much enjoyment I get out of the experience of going to eat out, and how many more times I will go back to it.

In my experience of traveling around and yelping my way through my hometown, L.A., I've realized that I've frequented quite a lot of of establishments - most of which are deemed worthy to visit by foodies on,,, the famed food critic Jonathan Gold, my closeted foodie friends, and just word on the street.

I love reading food blogs and love that they are mostly really focused around a certain theme of food. Some bloggers concentrate on Japanese food, others concentrate on making food in their crockpots daily, some talk about gourmet food, and some talk about baking. After thinking about what I'm always most interested in, I've realized that I love to frequent the hole in the wall establishments or I like to go all out and hit up a restaurant on someone's top ten list.

I also realized that I'm really into shopping for certain types of food items, research for hard to find products, and search far and wide for the food and restaurants that remind me of home (and by home, I mean Santa Cruz, Bolivia). Hopefully, with this food blog, I can share some parts of who I am through my travels and hand-picked places that make me home-sick, and the things that surprise me about the local places around California.

So with that, I hope you enjoy this blog. I'm not that wordy but love to take pictures of food so I hope you can visually enjoy the hard work the people put into preparing and serving the food as well as the hard work I put into eating them.
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