Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best Deal in Town (NYC)

If you're a New Yorker, you probably know about this already since so many bloggers and writers talk about it. But if you're visiting NYC and you have no clue where to eat but you want an awesome foodie experience, you better go to Jean-Georges for their $28 prix fixed lunch menu.

Jean-Georges is more wildly decorated than a community christmas tree. It boasts 3 Michelin stars, 5 AAA Diamond awards, 4 stars by Frank Bruni from they NY Times, 5 stars from the Mobile Travel Guide, etc. etc. (you can read more about it on their website). I've never eaten at a 3 Michelin star restaurant (LA doesn't have any) and I figured it was going to be extremely expensive. I was surprised indeed when my friend told me that the two-course lunch is only $28 and I'd be able to add more courses for only $12 more. REALLY? That's cheaper than some undecorated rip off restaurants I go to in LA! I got to pick all 4 dishes and we were to share it, along with dessert and drinks.

On to what we ordered:

The passion fruit juice with specks of chili!

The complimentary amuse bouche that included a mini tempura, a tiny tuna, and corn soup

Goat Cheese Royale, Roasted Beet Marmalade and Crushed Pistachios

Charred Corn Raviolis, Cherry Tomato Salad and Basil Fondue

Roasted Sweetbreads, Licorice, Grilled Pear and Lemon

Steamed Halibut with Honshimeji Mushrooms and Lemongrass Consomme

and for dessert, we had the Verbena Poached Peaches, Bourbon, Hazelnut, Mint Ice Cream, Plum sorbet, Dehydrated Champagne Grapes.....and...

...a birthday dessert which I think was the Jean Georges Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Gnocchi, Grapefruit, Gianduja, Basil

The best part was the free birthday dessert and the complimentary house desserts that they give: the mini macaroons and the homemade marshmallows that they cut in front of you. You don't even have to get dessert but you'll WANT to.

My favorite dish was the sweetbreads. I finally had the guts to try it and I wanted to make sure that it was at a place where they wouldn't let me down. Now, I'm craving sweetbreads like crazy and I almost don't care that it's a thymus gland or pancreas...I mean, I'm the girl who craves cow udders with salsa when I feel homesick. I also really liked the goat cheese but it was a bit on the heavier side. The corn ravioli was delicious but the halibut was a bit bland. It's a great idea to go to Jean-Georges with someone so you can taste a whole bunch of things. I highly recommend the sweetbreads and dessert.

If you live in NYC, you should do yourself a favor and go for lunch. If you're visiting and you've never had sweetbreads, try it here! You won't regret it.

1 Central Park W
New York, NY 10023
(212) 299-3900

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