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Wood Spoon

I needed a partner in crime. Someone who was willing to be my subject for all my cinematography assignments in exchange for checking out a new place to eat in downtown LA. 

I called up my BFF Mira and she was totally down for an impromptu photo session and then checking out Wood Spoon afterwards.

Banksy was going crazy with his publicity art for Exit Through the Gift Shop (awesome movie btw) during this time so we caught this snapshot.

After walking around admiring all the historical buildings in downtown LA and daydreaming about buying a loft around here, we headed towards Wood Spoon on 9th and Spring.

The small restaurant was packed but fortunately for us, we didn't have to wait long to be seated. We chose this cute little window seat. We perused the menu but the waiter came over and told us they were missing 3 of the items I really wanted to try so we got the mixed appetizer plate ($8) which came with Coxinha, potato croquette, portuguese croquette, pastel portuguese, and kibe. It was all fried, some creamy, mostly meaty deliciousness. You can't go wrong with this if you don't know what to get.

But the real reason I dragged Mira here was to try the chicken pot pie, which everyone's been raving about (and it was featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate and Giada De Laurentiis said it was the best chicken pot pie she had). What's the big deal about chicken pot pie that people go crazy about it? Fortunately for me, I was sick and craving some hearty chicken based food to comfort my sinus and headache. Sure, it's an excuse to indulge in this creamy goodness but really, it's more of a logical reason to give myself permission to "share" a sinful entree.

The chicken pot pie ($13) came with a wood spoon logo on it. It was so cute and the size was actually small enough that we didn't feel like pigs. The creamy insides were filled with chunky veggies and chicken. Perfectly cooked. The food here is dense, hearty, creamy, fried, unless you go for their salads or non chicken pot pie option but if you're already here, why wouldn't you order this? It's so good and hearty you'll forget you were ever sick. It's even better when it's chilly outside because it will stick to your ribs and hug you for hours. Is it the best chicken pot pie I ever had? Yes, because the only other chicken pot pie I had was from KFC.

Wood Spoon
107 W 9th St
Los AngelesCA 90015
Neighborhood: Downtown
(213) 629-1765

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