Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gaby's Express

I'm driving back home from an intense workout and I see a decent amount of people inside Gaby's Express, the more fast food version of Gaby's Mediterranean. I remember reading about this place on yelp so I park my car in the 7-Eleven shared parking lot and walk in to pick up some dinner. 

I check out their menu and decide on ordering 2 of the 1/2 chicken valu-meal (why did they drop the "e" in value?) that comes with hummus, rice, house salad for $8.25. Total comes out to around $17 something and I round it out to $19. I never know if I should tip or not if I'm taking it to go but I mean, there is that credit card line...

I already know this is a great deal considering that I spent $9 on a crappy salad from Baja Fresh the day before, which I'm still regretting to this day. When I see the pictures of all the combos, I know that I'm going to get some quality food ala Zankou chicken. I go to the salsa bar and get me some fresh spicy salsa and take the prepared food home to share with the hubz.

At home, we open our plates and look at the sheer amount of food we're about to devour. Perhaps next time we can just order one. The chicken is so tender it melts in your mouth. The sides are pretty good and healthy too. Like Zankou, it has the garlic paste. We heart garlic paste. The half chicken is no joke though. We usually only eat a quarter with our meal when we order from Zankou or California Chicken Cafe. 

Though healthy, the portions are gigantic and I wake up the next day still digesting. This place is cheap enough for me to go back to get take out on a regular basis but next time I'll just get one order of the 1/2 chicken valu-meal to share and cut some calories in the process. 

Gaby's Express Mediterranean

(310) 559-1808
Culver City 
10445 Venice Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90034

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