Monday, August 17, 2009



      I really can't complain because I got a $75 lunch gift certificate from the blogger prom to come here! After reading through everyone's review, we decided to get one dish from the secret kitchen, and a few lighter options.

      We ended up getting the colossal royal tiger prawns that came with the garlic noodles ($39.95), the traditional vietnamese salad (13.95), and the crispy rice paper roll ($9.00). We also got green tea ($7.00) and two desserts - the coconut cake with creme anglais, and the pineapple brioche with vanilla bean ice cream (both $9).

      the garlic noodles were definitely tasty. panida r. mentioned it contained parmesan cheese. i could def taste it now. i was wondering what the smell was. the garlic and butter was heavy handed but definitely crack like for the first 3 bites. after that, it's a little too heavy to continue consuming without feeling your arteries clogging. the prawns were aiite. a little on the dry side. next time i'd prob get the garlic noodles as a dish and maybe get the coconut prawns instead. the crispy rice paper roll was delish and according to my vietnamese dining companion, a little less heavier than at his fave place that serves the same dish. glad that was the case since the garlic noodles were on the heavier side. the vietnamese traditional salad to me, was effing delicious. i could have prob had more of that, as it was something new and delightful. however, according to my companion, his mother can make it better and would have yelled at him if she knew he spent over $13 for it.

      the tea was incredibly expensive in my opinion. the food was actually not that bad for a $$$$ restaurant. i expected it to be a lot more expensive but i see that the dinner menu is where they rake in the dough cuz the lunch menu's pretty affordable. they even had a three course pre fixed menu for express business lunches for $15.95. I used to spend that much for lunch at the fashion district working with koreans, eating korean food that wasn't as good as my dad's home-cooked meal.

      their desserts were also kick-ass. nothing so transformational but we were full by the time dessert came out and we devoured the whole thing.

      only gripe was the tea. stick to the tap water and save yourself some money!

      the decor was awesome. there were a lot of very traditional items that mimicked old vietnam and i almost had a heart attack when i thought i was going to step into the "river" that was in the middle of the restaurant cuz i didn't see the glass casing protecting it. the fans are made of bamboo fans and it looked like a two story restaurant like in martial arts movies right before people come barging in and messing up the entire place. very quiet and enjoyable. didn't want to leave.

      servers in the costume was a bit too much but at the same time, a bit hilarious. KEKEKEKE. it's better than those corn on a stick costumes though.

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