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The Way Proms Should be: Blogger Prom 2009

Prom sucks. Luckily, I moved down to South America to finish high school in tenth grade and never had to deal with the horror of prom (I was in the clear with the quinceanera's as well)- trying to find a date that doesn't suck, a dress that doesn't suck that is affordable, the pressure of being cool when I should really just be studying for my SAT's. Plus, all those dumb high school movies that treat prom like it's some huge transformative event in teens' lives only add fuel to melodramatic teen angst.

So, when I got an invite to attend the Blogger Prom I wasn't jumping up and down shrieking like I won a million dollars. Instead, my brain just went down the checklist to see if there might be any reason for me to not want to go to this thing. Date - can ask the bf. Dress - oooh, it's an 80's theme which means I can wear whatever is in my closet and just punch it up a little. Transportation - carpooling and valet is less than $10. Location - ROOFTOP of the Andaz West Hollywood. Food - free. Booze - free. Wait, did someone say free booze? Needless to say, after reading all the "fine print" I realized how even if this prom may be the only prom I'd ever go to in my life, it was already so much better than the way prom is conducted in high school. Plus, it's so easy. What do I have to do but to dress up in costume and show up to party?

Waiting in line, watching H.C. do his thang.

At the rooftop of the Andaz West Hollywood.

I finally felt like I got my bf's nod of approval for my blogging antics as he looked around at the hawtness of the hotel lobby, of the ridiculous outfits flowing in and out of the elevators, the free flowing food and booze on the rooftop and omg Pauly Shore saying hi to me by mistake.

With my hawt date, living proof that men love to dress up.

The players.

First thing we did was to go to the bar outside as a tipster said the lines outside were much shorter and faster. Thank you, tipster. We got all the awesome concoctions by The Liquid Muse - a Pinky Vodka cocktail and a Rosangel tequila cocktail calle dthe Flor de Maria. I preferred the Flor de Maria but the bf liked the sweetness of the other one. It was candy heaven for people with sweet tooths.

Then we decided to get our grub on to soak up some of the booze.

Danny from Kung Food Panda chatting it up with his peeps.

We went inside cuz they had more food there and I bumped into Abby from Pleasure Palate after she won her raffle!Finally got to meet Pat from Eating LA.

We sat next to Michelle from Weekend Suppers who won 2 raffles!

I totally knew we were sitting in the hot seats and I had a feeling I was going to win something.

Me with my $75 gift certificate to Crustacean
(note cheesy pose to maximize my outfit)

Very excited that we get to FINALLY try a restaurant on our way too expensive list. After the raffle and bumping into Pauly Shore, the party officially got started with some random dancing and more drinking.

With Christine and Cathy from gastronomy. Pic courtesy of Christine.

With Christine and Pam, my lovely ladies.

Nanciful and her hubby.

It was nice getting to know new people. Thanks to Tony from sinosoul, I met quite a few new foodbloggers I will be following.

The desserts were starting to be devoured and of course my sweet toothed bf goes to get a plate full of them even though we have no more physical room in our stomachs.

Two awesome doods in probably the top ten tackiest outfits that night.

It was fun hanging out with Tony from Sinosoul, Pam from Rants and Craves, Abby from Pleasure Palate, Danny from Kung Food Panda, Josh from Food GPS, Cathy from Gastronomy, Christine from Choisauce, meeting Nanciful, and Sam Kim from LAist. Afterwards, Javier came to say wassup and I was sad we couldn't party with him.

I don't know how we did it but we drove to 8 oz. burger bar and actually ordered the $8 special for blogger prommers. It included their Melrose burger, fries, and a drink.

Our bill to prove how much it cost us. Dood, it was cheap but we couldn't finish it. I took it home and fried the entire thing for my bro. It looked like a burger panini. The burger was good for $8 but I'm not sure if I would have paid more than that for it. It doesn't compare to some of the other burgers out there in the double digits.

First thing we did when we got home was to unpack the shwag bag and see what we scored!

Omg we got so much stuff. If you're curious, you can find the entire list on Kevineats. I did, however, like this one so I'll share with you.

That's right. I'm here to stay.

Thank you to the blogger prom committee. I don't know how the heck you guys did it but if you ever want to switch industries and want to produce movies, gimme a call.

The awesome ppl behind the blogger prom 2009:
  • H.C. of LA and OC Foodventures
  • Lindsay of LAist
  • Marni of Happy Go Marni
  • Maya of Shop Eat Sleep
  • Natalie of The Liquid Muse
  • Tara of When Tara Met Blog

  • We are all waiting for the next winter formal.

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