Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fat Dog

A Gastropub in Montrose? You mean I don't have to take multiple freeways to get there? You mean, I have other places to eat at in Honolulu Ave. besides the fake pho place and the artery clogging barbeque franchise and the soggy salads at some of the "cafes" and the unlimited froyo place that keeps changing their name or spend an exhorbitant amount of money at an establishment that is not going to be there in 3 months? Cuz, come on. If it's a gastropub, it's only a matter of time before I become a regular there. And it's SO CLOSE.

I can take local. Maybe I should sign up for the spinning classes across the street so I can finish off a workout with some Chimay. Nice!

This place is awesome and obviously for dog-lovers. There is a dog water bowl outside for all the dogs that get walked on this street. I still don't really get why people would drive over to Honolulu Ave. to walk their dogs (would you want your dogs to go in front of restaurants?) but I don't get many things about Honolulu Ave. so it's all good.

I am SO happy this place opened up in my hood. There's really no other place to down a few mugs of beer except at this sketchy looking place called "up the hill" on foothill (no offense, but that place has like, no windows and I never see anyone hanging around there so I ain't about to pop my head in there to see if it's cool to go in).

This place reminds me of Blue Dahlia if Blue Dahlia owned a dog and was a drunk and was married to The Must and they decided to move out to the suburbs. The beer selection is decent. I had the Chimay white label for $7. Most beers ranging from $4 - $8. Cocktails hover around $8.

When you walk in, You are greeted by dark walls holding bold paintings of.... yup, you guessed it! Dogs!!! What a surprise. I was actually surprised a dog didn't come out to greet me. Instead, we chose a booth and a smily woman came and took our orders and brought out some house almonds for us. The almonds were roasted in olive oil with crushed red peppers, rosemary, and salt and pepper. Pretty addictive.

My vegetable sandwich was super flavorful and the portions are big (couldn't finish mine). D got the hamburger and was sufficiently satisfied with it, saying that it was in his top ten. My sandwich was $11 and his burger was $12. I got an fried egg panini to go for my bro and he enjoyed it ($10).

I'm stoked to try some of their other things like the fried green olives, the jalapeno mac and cheese, and the fat corndog. I also saw a huge line outside of BlueFish a couple doors down. I might venture out there, too. I hope this is a sign that Montrose is picking up again.

Vegetable Sandwich with sweet potato fries
(I took a few bites out of it thinking I had already taken a pic when I clearly hadn't).

A horrible pic of the burger,
upside down after having a few bites taken out of it.
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