Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Angelino's Cafe

I found a new place that I love and will be on my "repeat" list. I actually found this place on yelp.com when I was searching for $ (low priced) restaurants near Westwood. When Angelino's came up and I read all the reviews, I was stunned I didn't know about this place sooner. I must have passed by it all the time without ever noticing it!

D and I drove to the address and realized that it was right across the street from the Westwood Brewing Co. It's right next to the ice cream shop. How could we have missed it?

The space is small and the awning is green. If you blink you might miss it so make sure you have your eyes peeled when you're at this intersection.

When we entered, the restaurant was empty. Perhaps they are busier during lunch times? The tv was on, playing a soccer game. The owner greeted us. Where were the workers? He was the only one behind the counter. After we ordered, he went to go cook the meal for us and I saw him do everything from where I was sitting. He brought over our meals.

The chicken pesto sandwich.

The cheese and spinach ravioli in pink sauce.

I expected it to be bad. I really did. Yelp reviewers have been wrong before and come on, we were the only ones there and this guy basically ran the whole shop himself.

Boy was I surprised. It was delicious! It tasted home-made because, well, it was. Nothing too extraordinary or exotic. Just good, homemade party in my mouth.

The prices were great, too. We ate heartily for under $20. I left a fat tip for the deliciousness.
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