Wednesday, April 1, 2009



This is called a "bulldog," which is essentially a beef frank wrapped in cheese, wrapped in wonton wrapper and deep fried. It's definitely THE stoner food of all time. Too bad I don't get stoned so for me, this was just fatty greasy food that I wouldn't every really crave. I give props to the people who thought of the concept though. I could just imagine the conversation.
Dood #1: "Dood, this hot dog is good but you know what would make it AWESOME? A hot dog wrapped in cheese!"
Dood #2: "Yeah! In an EGG ROLL! Like a cheesy eggroll hot dog!"
Dood#1: "Dooooood. We should call it the bull dog. You know, like a hot dog, except on crack so that's like a bull dog cuz a bull dog is like a hot dog on crack."
Dood#2: "Genius!"

I was more a fan of their YAKISITO, which is chocolate pudding with cinammon and sugar wrapped in a long won ton wrap in teh shape of a taquito. Now THIS, I can crave.

In a rather cool update, I'm starting to make a documentary about foodies. The first place I filmed at was Nyala, in Little Ethiopia.

The second place I filmed at was at Metro Dining in Culver City, which is basically a diner attached to Travelodge. I was there for a secret menu with secret foodies gathering for a secret dining experience - not their regular menu. If you want to more about that, you'd have to watch my documentary.

Next places I will be filming at are:
LA Curry Festival in Thai Town,
La Casita in Bell, CA,
Wonton Forest in City of Industry,
a taco run through downtown LA & Eagle Rock,
Nate's BBQ in Compton,
and a few more unconfirmed places.

I've met so many interesting foodies, chefs, restaurant owners, food bloggers, food organizers so far. I know I'm going to end up gaining like 500 pounds by the end of this month but I deserve it. It's my birthday month after all and I've always lost weight during this month so I could look hot for my birthday parties but I'll be shooting all week so the least I could do is indulge in awesome food.
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