Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cenaduria Jorgelito en Los Angeles aka McBistro


Tonight I had the privilege of attending a private dinner for 14 at the house of Jorgito (he prefers this over "Jorgelito" but the title above is the name of his menu).

We started off with a glass or two of the Sangria de la Casa, which were delish. There was a sweet and tangy kick to it. As soon as we were liquored up a little bit, we started with the best tasting quesadillas I've ever had; the
Quesadillas de Chorizo y Cebollas con Queso Mexicano. It was absolutely wonderful because it had sausage in it. Well, also because there were green onions and other stuff but woot! The Sausage was an unexpected surprise. We had the quesadillas with the Jalapenos Escabeche and homemade salsa. Jorgito made the Jalapenos by pickling them for three days. He put so much thought into his menu and it really showed.

Next, we had the Cocteles de Camarones Vera Cruz which can be described as shrimp cocktail on crack and slurpable. It comes in a glass and a spoon is optional but trust me, you're going to need it if you want to demolish it like I did with mine. There were bits of avocados and shrimp and veggies swimming in a tomato based cold liquid. Describing it does no justice because the seasoning and the ingredients made it pop.

Then we had a plate of Enchiladas Verdes con Pasillas, Pollo y Tomatillos and Enchiladas Colorados con Adobo y Queso Mexicano. Red and green enchiladas next to each other. I absolutely LOVED the red one because it reminded me of the sauce that comes with lengua in Bolivian cuisine . The green one was the favored one at the table but I just have such a stronger connection with my memory with the red one.

Next up we had the Caldo Calabaza Bellota con Mantequilla de Savia, which is basically a butternut squash with sage butter. OMG it was heaven in my mouth. Imagine buttery mashed potatoes making love to a sweet squash. All in a soup. I could eat this every morning.

The entree was the Puerco Adobado, Asada Despacito del Horno con Frijoles Negors, Caserola de Calabacitas. These were slices of pork bathed in the beautiful red adobo sauce that makes me think of Bolivia with a side of black beans and sauteed veggies. If I wasn't full by this point, I would have demolished it but I think my stomach can't physically stretch any further.

Finally, we were graced with Flan Kahlua con Mango. These were really creamy flan (thicker, the way I like it) with caramel and coffee with sliced mangoes perched on top (with some whipped cream). We drizzled some Kahlua on top to give it a kick. omg. I squeezed every last bit that I could into my mouth. If I had a ziplock, I would not have minded looking like a fool putting a flan in a ziplock bag.

I came, I sat, I ate, I filmed. All my passions rolled into one night of awesomeness. How can I stop filming now?
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