Thursday, April 16, 2009

Film + Foodies = Feature Documentary

What have I been doing recently? If you know me, you might know that I'm a filmmaker, or a film student (depending on your stance on what makes a filmmaker a filmmaker). My latest project was supposed to be a 5 minute documentary about food bloggers. What started out as a small school project burgeoned into a ginormous undertaking and can not be a 5 minute documentary anymore because it just would not do any justice to those involved.

To give you an idea of where I went to film and how many people I interviewed, here is my shooting schedule that is still growing as we speak (I will leave out the names of those involved until after the doc is finished).

03/30/09: Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine. Food blogger = 1.
03/31/09: Serbian Tasting at Metro Diner. Foodies = 25 or so but interviewed about 10.
04/5/09: LA Curry Festival. Foodie = 1.
04/06/09: La Casita Mexicana traditional menu tasting. Foodies = 20 something + chefs.
04/08/09: Wonton Forest for lunch. Foodie = 1. Silverlake wine + Taco Run to Fletcher & Larga, and Rambos. Foodies = 2.
04/09/09: Dinner at Foodie home. Foodies = 2.
04/11/09: Nates BBQ for lunch. Foodies = 20 something. Dinner at Chicken Day, Soo Won BBQ, Hwa Sun Ji for dessert and tea. Foodies = 2.
04/13/09: Chicken Day pickup. Lady said I could film all the chicken fat they take out so I went to film it.
04/14/09: Dino's Chicken and the Mich Paleteria in Duarte (Monrovia, Azusa), Filipino dinner @ Foodie's home. Foodie = 1.
04/18/09: Special private Mexican dinner at the home of a self-taught chef. Foodie extravaganza.
04/19/09: Tentative interview with a young food blogger.

So how is it possible that I could condense all this to 5 minutes, right? I have to get a 1 TB hard drive to store just the raw footage. Let me not get started on the weight I've gained. I think people are pretty sick of hearing me talk about it.

So when I'm not filming or eating/filming - on my off days, I actually ate even more. On 4/10/09, I went to Hatfield's, which I will write about in a few days.

Tonight, I went to STK where I got to meet a lot of foodies I've never met before and will most likely badger them into letting me interview them. I will update on my STK experience as well.

Ah, the life of a foodie/filmmaker. So hard but someone's gotta do it.

Already devoured before I could take a picture: three different types of mole on chicken enchilada from La Casita Mexicana.

One of my favorites this month and this was at the home of a foodie, not at a restaurant. Though, I have no idea why he doesn't start one. I'd be there in a heart beat!
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