Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!

What did I cook today you ask?
HAM cooked in pineapple juice and rubbed down with brown sugar.

and a whole lot of cookies - chocolate chip, sugar cookies, peppermint chocolate chocolate chip, rice crispy treats with fruity pebbles, peanut butter cookies, and a carrot cake. Yesterday I made a 7 up bundt cake. It was lemony and not too sweet cuz I only used half of the sugar the recipe asked for.

I bought these items to a potluck where the main dish was dok man doo guk, which is a Korean dumpling and sliced rice cake soup with egg, dried seaweed, and beef as garnishes. Pretty delish. I'm glad I missed out on the pizza and the korean fried chicken they were feasting on throughout the day (as I was busy with my own oven).

After dinner with the fam, I brought the leftover ham home and made ham soup. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to make a ham and spinach and cheese quiche.

I love fattening people up for the holidays!
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