Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas means cookies!

Every year, I pretend Christmas isn't really happening and then freak out last minute and go on a ridiculously un-thought-out shopping spree where I inevitably end up buying more shizz for myself than anyone else. Not this year. This year I plan on buying presents only for my family. Sorry if you're a victim of this downturn but this girl will not have a job come January (when I start school) so I get to be cheap for once. However, I am still baking cookies like I always do because it's cheap(er), fun, and it gets me into the Holiday spirit. What is Christmas without cookies? It's almost as bad as Christmas without Jesus.

So last night I baked two batches of gingerbread cookies with my new awesome 12 piece cookie cutters with details! I love it. I bought it at vons for $12.99 and came home to research it online to see if I got jipped. My plan was to return it if I found something online for cheaper but after using it, I loved it so much that I decided not to look it up online so I don't have to return it. =P
Tonight I bought some frosting and pastel writing frost to decorate these cookies.

I definitely think I need one of those baker's cream bags (pastry bags?) that can squirt out cream/frosting with cool designs. I had to use a teaspoon to spread the frosting and my hand wasn't as steady with the writing frost. I felt like I needed a thin paintbrush. Anyway, here's how they turned out:

I messed up on one so I made it a sad albino gingerbread man.

I messed up on a star but then somehow "fixed" it by making it look like a poinsettia.

Someone had eaten half of one of the christmas trees so it was my practice piece before going on to decorate the others.

The diva gingerbread couple.

Merry Christmas!
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