Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine

If you've been keeping up with my entries, you know that I've been obsessing over hummus lately. Not just ANY hummus, but the kind that usually has other shizz on it. I'm not about the plain hummus - whatever, I can make that at home. When I go out and pay for hummus, I want them to be worth my money. That usually means I want some meat with it. When I first discovered the hommos kawarma at Sunnins Lebanese Cafe in Westwood, I had hope that this might be something that is served elsewhere. After the last trip to Sunnin, I told myself I needed to find myself a better Lebanese place preferably closer to me, that is more spacious and has better service.

I yelped about this and of course within an hour, someone messages me and tells me to check out Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine. I actually heard of this place before but I had thought it was in N. Hollywood. Apparently, a second location opened up in Glendale. YES! That's like, off my uncrowded freeway on my way home! This is a sign from above that I'm supposed to continue my hummus-on-steroids quest.

So I decide to swing by and pick up dinner for my brother and I to share. I have a feeling the portions are going to be hella big so I just order the skewer combo and then I look at the appetizer to see if they have some glamorous hummus and lo and behold, they have hummus with shawarma. I choose beef so I can compare it to Sunnin's. I wait until I get home to take pictures of it since I don't want to ruin the presentation by sticking my finger in the hummus and smearing it on my face.

The spread, from top to bottom:
The Hummus with Beef Shawarma, onions, pickled radish, jalepeno, tomato,
a side of garlic paste
The beef, chicken, ground beef skewers with a side of salad, hummus, and pita

The quality of the meat was just eons above other places.

The hummus with beef shawarma

The mountain of beef hit the bottom of this plate.
Beef to hummus ratio is about 3:2.

I snagged myself a take out menu so I can call in my orders from now on. I have a feeling I'm going to be a regular at this clean, spacious, and friendly place. I ended up talking to the woman there for a bit about Lebanese cuisine. They're friends with Sunnin so I couldn't talk too much shizz but anyway, this place has way better quality food, and it's a nicer place to eat at. The biggest bonus is that it's so close to me.

The skewers were as delicious as the hummus. The beef skewer was my favorite. It reminded me of the pacumutos in Bolivia. Very clean grilled taste. The meat was pretty tender and not fatty. The salad that came with it is surprisingly refreshing and the hummus on the side was really creamy. The ground beef skewer was a bit tougher than what I'm used to but it was more densely packed so if you like a lot of meat, you will like this version.

My brother and I devoured as much food as we could but there was still a lot left.
I decided to go work out, and come back to eat some more. Oy... never work out right after you eat Lebanese food. I was burping it up everywhere and people were looking at me funny. Interestingly, the burps made me hungry for it again so I got home and ate some more hummus.

This place makes you do disgusting things like that.


Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine
Neighborhood: Glendale
367 N Chevy Chase #A
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 551-5540
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