Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hummus on Steroids

Behold the hummus as an entree:

(Hummus Place: mushrooms in the middle)

(Hummus Place: classic)

I admit that I didn't try that hard to find the best hummus in LA county. All I really wanted was a hummus that was on par with the hummus I had at Hummus Place in NYC (pictured above). If I even found hummus that was considerably better than the supermarket-bought Sabra brand that I have sitting in my fridge, I would have been okay with that.

One of the most annoying things about me is that I will search for something until I find the exact ingredient or taste I was craving for, and then eat it continuously, almost like an addict, until I get sick of it. I've been eating hummus non-stop since I got back from NYC and I couldn't stop because I was still searching for a hummus that beat out the ones I had in NYC.

So I asked some yelpers and researched chow hound for a place where they served hummus as more of an entree than as a side. I didn't feel like driving all the way to Glendale or the valley (I'm not lazy, it's just the economy) and asked for locations around LA. Some people pointed me to some hummus on steroids that were served at Sunnin Lebanese Cafe. Are you kidding? This place is across the street from where my BF lives. We could have easily walked there (but we didn't cuz we live in LA).

(Sunnin Lebanese Cafe: Hommos-Kawarma)

We ordered the HOMMOS-KAWARMA, which is basically hummus with beef filet chunks and pine nuts, and spices for toppings. This was the most delicious thing ever. No, seriously. I think it beats some of the hummus combination even at Hummus Place. The beef chunks were smoky and a perfect combination with the creamy, nutty hummus. What a great choice for a low-carb diet.

(Sunnin Lebanese Cafe: Hommos)

This is the HOMMOS (rushed chick peas with sesame paste, garlic, & lemon juice). This was delicious but I think I'm in love with the Hommos Kawarma and I'm sure this will be my go-to Hummus combo. Sunnin also had delicious Shawarma:

The Shawarma comes with marinated layers of tender beef cooked on a vertical broiler, served with tarator, rice, & Lebanese salad. The only real issue I had with Sunnin was all the styrofoam they use. Everything comes in styrofoam regardless of whether you eat there or not. I know some people find this convenient but hello, there are other alternatives that are not as bad for the environment.

Sunnin Lebanese Cafe
Neighborhood: West Los Angeles
1779 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 477-2358

Hummus Place
Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village
109 St. Marks Place
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 529-9198
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