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My other food-related films:

The Raw Truth

Runtime: 24 min 43 sec
Produced by: Jess Dang, Joseph Camerota
Written by: Jin Yoo-Kim
Directed by: 
Jin Yoo-Kim
Director of Photography: Luke Patton
Sound: Kimberly Patrick, Ronald Olson Jr.
Edited by: Billy Sullivan, Barb Steele
Composers: Alexis Marsh & Sam Jones
Cast:   Alexa Kahn, Andy Dick, Anthony Brown, Baruch Inbar, Brian James Lucas, Chef Juliano, James Stewart, Joel Funk, Ludo Lefevbre, Mark Peel, Maya Kriheli, Murisa Harba, Nesanet Abegaze, Russ Parsons

Short synopsis: The Raw Truth is a revealing and exciting look into The Raw Food Movement in Southern California. The Raw Food Diet is a diet consisting only of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. And is based on the premise that foods cooked over 118 degrees lose all of their nutrients while foods prepared below that temperature keep them. The advent of food processors, blenders and dehydrators has made this all possible. Could this be the next evolution of eating for our world?

Bacon Wrapped Date

Runtime: 11 min
Produced by: David Ngo
Written by: David Ngo
Directed by: 
Jin Yoo-Kim
Director of Photography: Edward Shen
Edited by: Edward Graff
Composer: Robert F. Trucios
Animation by: Michelle Tessier
Stylist: Mika Yamamura
Cast:   Hong Hoang, Allan Axibal

Short synopsis: 
Bacon Wrapped Date is the story of two rival foodies who collide on a 
blind date in Los Angeles.

World Premiere - Sun, 5/1/11 @ 4:45p
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Laemmle Sunset 5

More info here:

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