About Me

I started this blog a few years back under the name of "Seeking Food: In Interesting Places." Over the years, I realized that my passion in filmmaking and food led me to express myself through video about food, as well as writing about it and cooking it.

As someone born in South America with Asian roots and having now anchored myself in the U.S., I consider my palate to be diverse, curious, ever-expanding, and adventurous. My dream job is to travel around the world filming different cuisines, cultures, stories that are attached to the communal act of dining together.

In Los Angeles, I am lucky enough to eat a different nation's cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My curiosity and love for food only got deeper and more expansive. That's when I embarked on a documentary called "Foodie Nation" that explored the Los Angeles food blogging scene. From that project, another short narrative film was born called "Bacon Wrapped Date," a romantic comedy about two food bloggers who fall in love over food as they caravan throughout Los Angeles one-upping each other. Then, shortly after, I directed a documentary called "The Raw Truth," a documentary exploring the raw vegan community in Los Angeles, featuring notable top chefs like Mark Peel, Ludo Lefevbre, with narration by Andy Dick. Currently I'm developing a feature documentary about food in the international sphere.

I now embrace my obsession with food and film, and hopefully you will find yourself entertained by this blog. Slowly but surely, I will be incorporating more recipes that I have mastered from my countless cook books or recipes that were handed down to me. Some recipes are my own creations. Click on the "Yum" on my entries if you like my recipe! Thank you.

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