Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cebicheria Erizo - Baja California, Mexico

One of my favorite places in Tijuana is Erizo Cebicheria.


The seafood here is so fresh. 


The Callo. Bill introduced us after I had eaten its cousins. They are a type of scallops that are local to Baja that have a totally different texture from the scallops we are used to. It's in between a scallop and a fish. 


 tamarind margarita, found in a few of Javier Plascencia's other restaurants, shows up on Erizo's menu as well. I can't help but order it so I can finally try it. Probably the best thing that's ever happened to a margarita.



This is simple and yet so good. At the bottom of this tangy, limey yellow juice lies the sea urchin. the cucumber and the tuna jerky contrasted really well with the sexy sea urchin. some olive oil, red onion slices, and lime  juice came together in an interesting symphony of flavors.


chicharron and callo ceviche


The marlin tostada, probably now my favorite kind of fish after this trip.

Cebicheria Erizo
Ave Sonora No 3808-11
barrio Chapultepec, south of Agua Caliente
Tel 686-1564

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