Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Keto Holy Grail Products - A Work in Progress Round Up

One of the things I find hardest with the #ketodiet is finding good substitutes for the things I used to love. I'll continue posting my discoveries here so check back to see what else is added.

1. ChocZero Syrups

On a lazy Sunday morning, who doesn't crave a stack of pancakes or french toast or some other eggy, carby food item topped with glorious maple syrup? I'm just like everyone else. This is what I crave accompanied by bacons and more eggs and more maple syrup. 

So, I tried multiple brands of keto friendly #maplesyrup and I was always disappointed. Either it had a strange aftertaste, a cooling sensation that accompanies #erythiritol or stomach pains, or the texture wouldn't fly because it was so watered down.

Enter ChocZero. So many people online were raving about it so I decided to try it out.

I am obsessed with these #choczero syrups. They literally are thicker than the real stuff and I use it on everything. The maple syrup I put on my fried #eggloaf and it reminds me of french toast. The Chocolate syrup I use in my ice cream and it does that wonderful freezing action like magic shell but not quite, just thicker and more robust. 

I'll continue to report back and make a series here of all the Holy Grails I find. 

You can get ChocZero on their website or you can find them on Amazon. They quickly run out of stock on almost everything they have so if you see it on prime, snag it before it's gone!


2. Full Circle Ghee // Springhill Jersey Cheese - Ethiopian Spiced Ghee
You guys. THIS. IS. THE. HOLY. GRAIL. Go and get it NOW and use it on EVERYTHING. Seriously. I just inside screamed through my entire lunch eating a fucking #KaleSalad. If this can make your already next-level, massaged kale salad something to scream about, I don’t even know how I’m going to live without it going forward. This is like that time I discovered #monkfruitextract or 
#choczerohonestsyrup or #lacroix BUT BETTER. A thousand times better. If I was Oprah rich, I would buy this in bulk and mail it out to my #ketofam. So I found this at my local farmer's market but Full Circle Ghee said you can possibly get it online from them. Try. It's life changing.

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